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La La La

Hey everybody! I have always loved to write...well talk...about myself, and so: a blog!

Tonight, I saw La La Land the new movie directed by Damien Chazelle and boy, oh boy did this film inspire me. While working through my senior seminar class this past semester we spent the majority of our time thinking about what ideas we (and others) possess that are worth sharing and why? This movie was certainly an incredible, vibrant, colorful, and new idea worth sharing. It was a story that I needed to experience right now.

As the first day of my last semester of college approaches on January 9th, with it will come 115 days before I start my career as a professional artist. The new year is bringing me interesting challenges, unique to anything I have ever experienced before. I hope to share my experiences as a young artist and fresh college graduate on this blog and hope if you are reading this now, you will hit subscribe and spend some time every once and a while here with me!

Living to love - one day at a time,

Casey Martin Klein

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